How GIS can benefit the Oil and Gas Industry

Investing in research and development is essential in the Oil and Gas Industry when thinking long term. One area of interest for Oil and Gas Companies to invest in is GIS (Geospatial Information Systems). While big companies like Exxon have geomatic teams on their payroll, the small and medium sized companies are not able to afford this expense. Whether these companies can afford the expense for GIS, there are some uses they can benefit from below:

Vessel Tracking

Valuable assets can be tracked using GIS. This is especially so when tracking mobile vessels like boats and vehicles.  Knowledge of the exact location of a particular vessel means efficiency in service delivery and emergency response. Vessel tracking leads to efficiency gains and helps add value in complex operations.

Land management

Land Management is invaluable to the land men. It is invaluable when mapping lease data like lease expiry period, leaser’s identity, revenue interest, overriding royalty among other information related to land. Using GIS in land management is handy especially when it comes to generating mandatory reports as well.

Monitoring of Field Operations

GIS is also useful in monitoring of field operations by companies. Companies can manage change with this technology and avoid the commissioning of satellite data which is quite expensive. Through perhaps maybe a drone or other type of flying sensor, images can be collected from operation sites which help in monitoring progress.

Monitoring of Environmental Changes

Oil and Gas Companies can use GIS in monitoring environmental changes. GIS is helpful in detecting the sinking of land that may be the result of extracting shale. Maps can be used to visualize data against the base line cases. GIS also works in well planning to come up with the most accurate configurations for drilling given its distinct spatial analytics.

When it comes to mitigation measures due to cases of gas explosions and accidental oil spills, GIS is invaluable. Geospatial data available to Oil and Gas Companies, helps them to respond better during emergency situations. These are among the many uses of GIS that are helpful to players in the Oil and Gas industry.

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